Welcome to The Wash House!

The Wash House is a large, modern laundry with lots of parking and plenty of available machines. We pride ourselves on creating a clean, safe and enjoyable place for you to do laundry, with extra-large machines, snack & soda vending, FREE parking, children’s area, FREE WiFi, TVs, and take advantage of cash, credit, debit and loyalty card payments.

Open 24/7 – 365 days a year!

Specials & Discounts

Wash to Win

Register your laundry card to earn points every time you do your laundry!

Wacky Wednesday!

Come do laundry on Wednesdays and enjoy 50% off all washing machines!!!


Richmond, Virginia Laundromat
Richmond, Virginia Laundromat
Richmond, Virginia Laundromat
Richmond, Virginia Laundromat - Free WiFi
Richmond, Virginia Laundromat
Richmond, Virginia Laundromat
Richmond, Virginia Laundromat
Richmond, Virginia Laundromat

Leave Your Quarters Behind!

Cash & Credit Accepted
The Wash House offers multiple ways to pay. Credit cards, debit cards and cash are accepted to add value to your loyalty card.

Loyalty = Rewards
Keep the same loyalty card for each visit and you will be eligible for various bonuses and loyal customer benefits!

Lost Card? No Problem!
As long as you register your full name, address, phone number and email on your card we will issue you a new card and transfer the balance from your lost card.

Loads of Machines!

Medium Washers = 1-3 loads
Large Washers = 4-6 loads
XL Washers = 9 loads
Dryers: Medium & Large

Customer Reviews

  • We've been coming here since we moved to Richmond in May. The owner is very nice and keeps his business clean. Quick to accommodate if anything is needed.

    Debra Dobranelli Avatar Debra Dobranelli

    The people here are so friendly and helpful. They are usually busy but seem to have enough washers and dryers to keep everyone happy. The bathroom is always clean.

    Christy Smith Avatar Christy Smith

    Always clean

    Angela Venable Avatar Angela Venable

    Professionally managed place

    Caleb Brian Gibney Avatar Caleb Brian Gibney
  • I went to Sun's for the first time 4 days ago and everything was very clean. I will be going back.

    Deborah Hoff Avatar Deborah Hoff

    This place first of all is very clean and the lady that works here is very nice, friendly every time I need help she takes care of customers, I like the atmosphere and quick and easy.

    Gladys Nanyonjo Avatar Gladys Nanyonjo

    Very clean. Helpful staff. Very pleasant laundry facility

    Kimberly-Beth Koiner Avatar Kimberly-Beth Koiner

    In and out fast and clean lol°¿°

    dyslexic dog Avatar dyslexic dog
  • I go here every other week for 2yrs I Love it not pack I can get in and out. The owner is a great guy one of the dryer was broke and he paid for my clothes to get dry.

    Jose Ortiz Avatar Jose Ortiz

    The owner/elderly person working there is a great guy. Once we loaded the clothes in dryer only a lil before closing time. He gently reminded us that he had some important family dinner that evening. We assured we will leave at the closing time at any cost. While the some of the clothes were still in washing machine, he started a few big dryers himself and mentioned that he is preheating the dryers so that it will be ready for a quick dry. At closing time, we asked him how to stop the dryers.. He told that the dryers will just take another 10 minutes and that he can wait that much. We felt sorry yet he insisted and was so humble at the same time - Something which I didn't see in other coin laundries I've visited earlier. I'm going back there ever again....

    Jayakrishnan Vijayaragahavan (JK) Avatar Jayakrishnan Vijayaragahavan (JK)

    Lov it

    Barbara Avatar Barbara

    Great,clean, economically, reasonable.

    Barry Hughes Avatar Barry Hughes
  • This is such a nice laundromat! Very clean and organized. Special shout out to the lady working on the morning of 10/23. It was my first time using this facility and she was very kind in showing me where things were and how to use everything!

    Kristina Wiles Avatar Kristina Wiles

    They are doing a great job very helpful and you get a homie welcome just opened here on Midlothian check em out .

    Myenvironmentourworld M.E.O.W Avatar Myenvironmentourworld M.E.O.W

    I love first of all because of the 24hr opening the staff is always very polite and very helpful the place has plenty of places to sit the laundry mat also has a section for your tollers to play it has become my favorite place in South side of Richmond Virginia to wash my personals

    Dave Greer Avatar Dave Greer

    Best laundry i have ever been too

    Spencer Motley Avatar Spencer Motley
  • Very clean and friendly

    Chris Williams Avatar Chris Williams

    One of the best. When I'm on I95 (I drive trucks) I always stop in to get everything cleaned up. Affordable and efficient.

    tina satchel Avatar tina satchel

    This place was very clean, the machines worked great! I used the largest washer and dryer as I was washing 8 large pillows from my sofa back. The washer and dryer were setup for upto 9 loads of laundry the washer cost was $9 and the dryer was .50 per 6 mins but it only took 12 minutes for my pillows to dry on High heat I would definitely use this place again. Also the attendant was very helpful.

    tammy carter Avatar tammy carter

    The attendants are nice. They keep the place clean and the machines work well. The prices are cheaper than other laundromats.

    Shawn Cox Avatar Shawn Cox
  • Cleanest laundromat ive ever been. Plus laundry 1/2 price on Wednesday. And HUGE washers too

    eric pillath Avatar eric pillath

    1/2 $ on washing machines on Wednesday!!! Love this place, & the lady that runs it, is just a sweetheart!!

    DeB Beamer Avatar DeB Beamer

    The gentleman that runs the laundromat is very nice and very helpful at will go again for sure

    Felicia Jones Avatar Felicia Jones

    Very nice staff and she keeps it very clean!!!

    raneeka gaither Avatar raneeka gaither
  • 1AM and it is open Yay! Very clean. They use laundry cards which is very convenient. The place is surprisingly clean.

    Leesa Dyme Avatar Leesa Dyme

    Nice clean washers very nice lady running the place and she will help you with whatever you need

    Melissa Hodge Avatar Melissa Hodge

    Clean ,attentive, polite, friendly. The attendant here makes you feel welcome. She always speaks when you enter and also when you leave. Half price is on Wednesdays. I would highly recommend you do your laundry here. The laundry mat is always clean, and organized.

    Mary Harvey Avatar Mary Harvey


    Tanika Hood Avatar Tanika Hood

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